Will Sticks And Stones Break My Bones?


Take more calcium and vitamin D

Take more calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones strong and lower your risk of osteoporosis because as we age, our bones start to get weaker and more brittle.


Calcium helps to build and repair bones and keeps muscles strong

Calcium helps to build and repair bones and keeps muscles strong. Consuming non-fat milk or non-fat yogurt are recommended. If you don't consume dairy products, drink calcium-and vitamin D-fortified orange juice, or non-dairy fortified milk like soy and consider taking supplement.


Reduce the intake of sodium

Reduce the intake of sodium as too much of it causes calcium to leach out of your bones and excreted in your urine. Take less processed food and keep that salt shaker away from dining table.

Did you know

Did you know that bone density peaks when you are in your 20s? Think of your bones as a retirement savings account that you need to bank in funds all the time when you are young so that you will have more to draw on when you are older. So keep the level up by getting enough calcium and vitamin D.

World’s No.1 Calcium Supplement*

  • Caltrate is clinically proven to be absorbed by your body. Caltrate contains 600mg elemental calcium, Vitamin D3 and bone and joint fortifying minerals in a single tablet which helps to promote collagen formation for Stronger Bones and Greater Joint Mobility.

  • Caltrate Plus with 400IU of Vitamin D3 is ideal for people who work indoors or use sunscreen and the elderly who has limited sun exposure.

  • Caltrate Plus with Vitamin D3 helps to build muscle strength leading to improved muscle balance. This reduces the risk of falls which is one of the major risk factors for bone fractures.

*IMS OTC ReviewPLUS Q4 2012