Happy Joints For Happy Days


Re-arrange your workstation

Re-arrange your workstation. Make sure your elbows and forearms are comfortably supported, and that your thighs rest parallel to the ground. Do this and your joints will be sitting pretty for years to come.


Good posture

Good posture limits your bones from rubbing against each other unnecessarily at the joints, preventing or putting off the appearance of arthritis. Once youíre used to standing ramrod straight, your muscles will feel an overall ease in stress, since they wonít be in constant use to maintain an unhealthy zigzag body form. Your back and neck will especially thank you, and good posture will help your shoulders, hips and knees from feeling tight.


Maintain a healthy diet

Maintain a healthy diet to keep excess pounds off and keep your joints happy. Body weight plays a large part in your joint health. The less you weigh, the less strain you place on your joints. When you walk down the stairs, your knees absorb a force up to five times greater than your body weight.

Did you know

Did you know that you should not underuse your joints? Working for too long without a break and your joints are going to go on strike. However, if you stay at rest for too long, your joints may stiffen up. Move around now and then to keep those joints limber.

One A Day Formula

Kordelís Hi-Glucosamine 1500 + Curcumin Complex is formulated with a synergistic blend of natural nutrient, herb and minerals to help support good cartilage health and reduce incidences of joint stiffness and swelling. It is an enhanced joint supplement ideal for people who experience joint stiffness, joint inflammations, back pain, muscle aches, strains or sprains.

  • Specially formulated with Curcumin, minerals and herbs with anti-inflammatory properties and the recommended dosage of glucosamine 1500mg.

  • One A Day Formula with Zinc & Boron, helps support good joint and cartilage health.

  • Contains antioxidant to help maintain good joint health.