Get Moving, Get Healthier!


Exercise prevents many diseases.

Walking 150 minutes a week can lower the risks of diabetes by 58%. Exercise prolongs life, reduces the risks of chronic diseases and enhances your quality of life!


Look good and feel good.

Ward off depression by working out. Exercise causes the body to release Endorphins - the "feel good” hormone that elevates your mood and boosts positive emotions.


Spice up your routine.

Do not overtax any one area! Vary your exercise routine between low and high impact exercises e.g. low-impact swimming and cycling and high-impact jogging and dancing.

Did you know

Did you know that physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality (World Health Organization, WHO). It is time to get active and moving for a healthier you!

Start moving with Urah today!

Urah Micellar Glucosamine Cream is clinically tested to provide pain relief and nourishment for the joints. Urah Bone Health is formulated with 10% glucosamine and works synergistically with optimal concentrations of Bio-calcium for healthier bones and joints.

Key Benefits

  • Lasting relief for joint and muscle pain

  • 100% absorption and no residue left on the skin

  • Avoids gastric irritations and cardiovascular risks

  • Supports bone mass regeneration and cartilage growth

Specially formulated based on US Patent No. 6846916 with a range of products such as Sporting Cream with MSM and Joint Health with 8% glucosamine to cater to users of different lifestyle needs.