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Questions & Answers

  • Q1 : Hi, I have had high cholesterol for many years and had a heart bypass surgery done slightly more than a year ago. After the surgery, the doctor at the hospital prescribed Crestor for me and I have been taking that until about 3 months ago during my monthly checkup at my regular GP, I was told that I can actually take a generic cholesterol medication that is as effective as Crestor but at a much cheaper price. So, I decided to try it out. 2 months after taking this generic medication, I was diagnosed with gallstones. My children felt that it was caused by the generic cholesterol medication. Is that true? Is the generic cholesterol medication causing me more harm? Should I stop taking it and switch back to Crestor?
  • Q2 : Recently, I noticed my urine is cloudy and I feel discomfort and sometimes pain when urinating. I did a search online and these seem to be symptoms of UTI. How can I be sure if I have contracted UTI?
  • Q3 : Hi there, I am a 40-year-old healthy (I supposed) guy. It is coming to Chinese New Year. I tell myself not to eat too much but I think I will over eat. Can tell me what medicine to take to treat pain in stomach, lots of ’wind’, feeling sick and want to vomit. I always feel like that when I over eat.
  • Q4 : Recently, it has been quite stressful getting the children back to school and deadlines to meet at work. I have been having headaches quite often usually towards the evening at the back of the head but taking a couple of pain tablets helped. My husband thinks it might be migraine? What are the symptoms of migraine? Thank you.