Pharmacy Services

At Unity Pharmacy, our friendly and professional pharmacists and staff are committed to providing a comprehensive range of quality products with excellent service at affordable prices. Our stores are conveniently located island-wide to cater to your healthcare needs so you can visit us anytime, anywhere.

We are happy to serve you with :

Advice On Drug Interaction

If you are consuming various drugs at the same time, you can check with our friendly pharmacists on the possible reactions when these drugs are administered together.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases or long-term medical conditions are a leading cause of illness and death in Singapore. It is not easy to manage chronic diseases and keep these under control. At Unity Pharmacy, our team of dedicated pharmacists will work together with you to better manage your condition through monitoring and counseling, setting achievable goals and reaching them.

Diabetic Care

With good management, diabetics can continue to lead fulfilling lives. At Unity Pharmacy, our pharmacists will work together with you to monitor and manage your diabetic condition so you can be in better control of your own health.

Dispensary Service

Our dispensary offers prescription and non-prescription items for purchase. Our pharmacist will also provide advice on proper usage of the medications.

Information On Travel Medication & First Aid

Need help to prepare your travel medication or first aid box? Visit any Unity pharmacy and speak to our pharmacist or staff to find out more.

Medication For Minor Ailments

Many medications are available over the counter to treat minor ailments such as fever, cough and cold or constipation. Consult our pharmacist if you have any questions on the medications for your condition. Our caring pharmacists will be happy to attend to you.

Medication Review

Inappropriate dosage and usage of your medicines can lead to ill health. If you are taking 4 or more medications and/or supplements, bring these to our pharmacy and have them reviewed by our pharmacist.