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Expert's Sharings on Eat Well, Live Well

Check out Unity’s second series of webinars, Eat Well, Live Well which was live-streamed on Unity Facebook page on 24 Mar 2022, where we have invited a panel of experts to share with us on immunity, gut health and healthy weight management.

In this video, we have Ms Jass Liew shares on “The A to Zs of VOOSTing Your Health”.

Next, we have Dr Warren Lee Wei Rhen shares on “The Roles & Benefits of Pre & Probiotics for your Health”.

Lastly, we have Ms Pauline Xie shares on “Achieving a Healthy Body Weight through the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)”

Expert's Sharings on Beautiful, Inside Out Webinar

Check out Unity first series of webinar, Beautiful, Inside Out which was live on Unity Facebook page on 8 Jan 2022, where we have invited skincare experts to share with us on eczema care and beauty supplements.

In this video, we have Dr Paul Chia where he shares on the 4 Ms of eczema management and sheds professional insights and advice on how to care for this long-term skin condition.

Next, we have Dr Ker Khor Jia where she shares tips on how to build strong and calm skin for the little ones with a proper regime to manage eczema skin.

Lastly, we have certified nutritionist Ms Zhang Weijia where she shares on how collagen works and what kind of beauty supplements help to boost skin collagen.

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